Housekeeping Services

Proper hygiene and right cleanliness is the cornerstone of leading a healthy life and keeping you and people around you safe. The world is going through a tough time where the global threat of the COVID 19 outbreak has shaken our life. Looking at this situation, cleanliness is the need of an hour. S4 Facilities Management Pvt Ltd is one of the leading and trailblazer companies to offer the finest housekeeping services in your area at a pocket-friendly cost.

It is the responsibility of every commercial and industrial organization to provide a clean and healthy surrounding to its workforce, and we take charge of sharing your responsibilities professionally. We just not sweep the dust but also the worries that come due to the unhygienic and unclean environment around your workplace. Our housekeeping services include cleaning, laundry, and everything that needs to be clean at your workplace.

We understand that each and every organization is unique and therefore we provide customized cleanliness services to our clients. Some organizations work 24/7 while some are running for fixed working hours; we offer services to all as per their needs. Your property should be clean and beautiful round the clock.

As the scope of housekeeping services is quite vast, here’s what you can entrust and expect from us :

Cleanliness of Canteen Area

Canteen is the most sensitive place of your workplace which if not kept clean, the risk of griminess may extend to a large number of people working in your organization. Hence, we aim at taking the utmost care in keeping your cooking and dining area neat and clean. It further includes –
  • Cleaning Refrigerator
  • Cleaning Kitchen equipment.
  • Disposing expired items.
  • Cleaning the washing area.

Other Services

  • Cleaning less used areas time and again.
  • Managing Landscape area.
  • Keeping Stairs, lift and pathways clean.
  • Watering plants and garden area.
  • All types of laundry services.
  • Managing stationary.
  • Dry cleaning services.
  • Any other customized service.