Housekeeping & Pantry Services

S4 Facilities Management Pvt. Ltd. Offer House keeping & Pantry  services in noida, House keeping & Pantry  services in Delhi and House keeping & Pantry  services in NCR.

We provides quality House Keeping Services to corporate office, office campus, industries, IT industries, institutes and commercial complex (Malls, Societies). Our highly specialized and experienced team works closely with our clients to deliver services in exact accordance to international standard and up to their specifications.

Our housekeeping staff are well trained in all department of housekeeping. The housekeeping personnel would be responsible for the following activities:

Facilities management Services

We offers facility management services in Delhi NCR. S4 Facilities Management has employed thoroughly trained professionals who have been prepared to provide services such as Housekeeping Services in Delhi, NCR Pantry & Catering Services in Delhi, Gardening Services in Delhi, Equipment Maintenance Services in Delhi, Asset Security Services in Delhi, Event Management Services in Delhi, Pest Control Services in Delhi, and Furniture and Building Maintenance Services in Delhi & NCR.

The company, with its highly specialized and customizable services, has emerged among the leading providers of facility management service in Delhi & NCR.

Maintenance Services

We provides maintenance services to commercial and domestic establishments. Each operative is provided with corporate clothing to ensure that they are easily recognised by the clients. Maintenance operatives are controlled by office based controllers to ensure that all call outs are attended within a stipulated time.

Maintenance of premises and installations is an operational and financial challenge for companies. 

With unique and personalized approach, S4Facility Services offer advantageous solutions according to our client’s requirements

Inside and out, top to bottom, our custodial staff and technicians consistently take care of your facility and premises. S4 Facility Services personnel are at your service to handle staff moves and rearrangements, from office jobs to relocations. Our flexible workforce arrangements adjust to the demands of your business, allowing you to be prepared for any situation – special events, complex office moves, expansions, etc. – without the overhead of dedicated staff for the same.

Pest Control Services

Pest control is the regulation of insects mainly defined as pests. There is need for Pest Control because any kind of carelessness might have bad impact on human health. Not only humans, sometimes animals also get affected which can proved to be and pesticides available in the market which helps to fight against these norms of society. These insecticides are available in both biological and chemical from. One can use it according to its suitability.

Chair and Carpet Cleaning Services

We provide Carpets And Chairs Cleaning services in Delhi, Noida and Gurgaon. The best way to rid your carpets of these invisible but deadly oily particles is to have your carpets steam cleaned by professional steam cleaning services at least once every 12 to 18 months. Steam cleaning services are an affordable, worthwhile investment. Enlist the help of professionals who clean for a living and are experts on topics like carpet shampoos, steam cleaning equipment and different kinds of oily soil deposits.


Steam cleaning service professionals will know exactly how to best clean your particular carpet, taking into consideration its make, its state and the kind of pollutants to which it is exposed. Then, the professionals will steam clean your carpet so well that you won’t have to worry about it for at least a year. Steam cleaning services are a wonderful (and necessary! ) treatment for your home. The steam cleaning service that arrives at your home will use some kind of hot water extraction system.

Machined Cleaning & Electromechanical Services

S4 Facilities Management offer a varied range of electromechanical services to the clients. Within the stipulated time and at desired locations of clients, we deliver all types of generators, welding equipments, overhead doors, loading ramps and batteries. In case of equipment failure or default of any kind, we provide quick services to get the equipment up & running. We also offer component inspection, repair and timely replacement services.

Our professionals work round the clock to get customers’ equipment repaired on time. Clients can avail following services from us: